How do you turn off the flash in auto and macro mode

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Hi Moose, I am very new to the D3100 and can't find out how to turn off the flash when using auto and macro modes. Is it possible to do this and if so how? I'm probably being really stupid here but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere! Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)


  • @cosmicchild1961 - Yep, you sure can...just press the "i" button and highlight the flash icon on the LCD info panel. Press OK and then you'll see a couple flash options. The last one in the list will disable the flash when shooting in Auto mode or Macro mode. Happy shooting! :)
  • Hi Moose! Thanks so much for getting back to me. I think this is an amazing site and a fantastic resource for someone like me....a complete novice let loose with a dslr! Is there somewhere I can show my appreciation for the site and the advice you are offering here? Thanks again, Caro
  • Howdy Caro - I really appreciate the kind words. Honestly, the best way you can show your appreciation is by good ole' fashioned word of mouth advertising. Happy shooting! :)
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    Always wanted to know how to disable the built-in flash when using Auto mode. Thank you Moose, I am new to this site and I think I found my "Nikon Guardian". Thank you!
  • Hey there, new to this forum as of 1 minute ago. I'm trying to learn how to shoot in manual mode and am trying to turn my flash off. I tried the info above but to no avail. Any thoughts?
  • Howdy @mirsep - If you have Manual mode enabled (M on the mode dial), just lower the built-in flash until it clicks into place. To pop the flash back up, just press the lightning bolt button on the front of the camera next to the flash. Happy shooting! :)
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    You are such a life saver. This is an awesom blog and such relevant little issues that beginners face are addressed; this is a great service. I commend your efforts.
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    If you press and hold the flash button on the upper left side of the camera you can toggle through all of the flash modes without having to go into a menu. While cradling the lens with your left hand, your thumb naturally falls right on the flash button. Hold it down and spin the wheel under your right thumb.
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    I am using a flash on the hot shoe, but when I use it the built in flash pops up. How can I turn it off permanently?
  • Howdy @nightangel - Is it a Nikon branded speedlight? Is completely locked onto the hot-shoe? If the communication between the D3100 and the external flash is off then the built-in flash will pop-up.
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    Hi, I have a Nikon D3100 and when I am in M mode on the dial I can not turn the flash off. I hit the i button, and when I scroll through the options are flash, flash redeye or rear flash.
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    When I have the flash off and turn the camera off and then back on later, the flash is back on. Is there anyway to turn it off until I actually need it? I took some photos outside this evening of a squirrel, but the flash was on and ruined the shot.
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    This was interesting info, which I always tried to figure out, but maybe didn't try hard enough.
    All I know now is that this is a good piece of info shared to everyone. Thank you @cosmicchild1961 for asking this question and thank you @Moose for answering the same.
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    To shut off flash in auto mode can't I just go to auto flash off on the dial just below Auto?
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    Oh Em Gee!! @Moose, you're the only one on Google (that I could search for) with the correct answer to disabling flash! Thank you for this, and thank you @cosmicchild1961 for the question! I have a Nikon D3200 and most of the forums I went to said you can't disable flash in auto mode and other settings. They should know better if they are professionals. Anyway, thanks again! You are awesome and I have, of course, registered myself to add my comment here! :o)

    I will definitely get people to check out this forum for tips and tricks. I will shout it out, word of mouth style, on top of the mountains. Ok, not that dramatic, but I will definitely let family and friends know of this forum!

    Thanks again! You guys just made my night! :D
  • @jojoscraftylove - I'm so glad to hear you found my site and that it answered your question. Ha! Thanks so much for the kind words. All the best to you and your family. :)
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    Sorry Moose, I am still not getting it. When I am on manual mode sometimes I am unable to turn on the flash, but if I switch off the camera and turn it back on then I can turn the flash on. I press 'I' and highlight the flash and the options are 1) flash symbol, 2) red eye and 3) rear. Nothing works. Thanks
  • Hi @moose !
    I have the same question as @gecko - For some reason the flash is always on when I'm using M A S P modes, I can choose different options of flash, but there is no option of "no flash".
    Do you have any idea why is that happening?
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