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  • Hi folks
    Newbie here, from the UK just bought a Nikon D3100 looking to learn new tricks and get to grips with a dslr given up the point and shoot.
  • Hello Moose,

    I am Ashok From India... Thanks for helping us with your tips...
  • Hello Moose, just stumbled across your forum, I have recently got a D3100 from beautiful wife for a birthday present. I hope to take good pics of her. I browsed through the forum and already found it very helpful.
    Haroon - from South Africa
  • just flew in looking for some tips to get the best from my new camera
  • Hi Moose, on D3100 specs and features you say movies do not support built-in Mic, I think you meant to say it does support built in mic in mono but does not support external mic input. Cheers.
  • just found your forum after recieving d3100 kit from my wife for xmas ,added it to main bookmarks as im sure ill be back regular .thanks
  • Recieved one for Christmas!Looking to learn and share with my new D3100.
  • Been having a Nikon 3100 for a 2 months now, and I must say this site has helped a lot in understanding it! I know still have a lot to learn, and will surely be checking this site regularly!
  • Hello,
    I just bought A nikon D3100 and i want to know and learn all about the camera.
    and share photo's! greetzz
  • Hi,
    Just joined the forum had my d3100 for around 6 months and as a beginner this forum is amazing already found some great tips. I have joined a few forums and found some very snobby and pretentious and had one or two sarcastic answers to questions I asked, sort of put me off joining in, however I notice several questions I had been answered in a friendly and knowledgeable fashion, thanks for a great forum.

  • @Electricwitch - Thanks for the kind words! I can promise that this forum will always be friendly and centered around beginners. Happy shooting! :)
  • Hi to all! just joined the group will buy my Nikon D3100 tomorrow and I am excited, hope to learn professional photography regards to all.
  • Just joined looking forward to learning more about my camera
  • Just joined few days ago, I want to start in the photography world, so I'm kinda researching through forums about which camera should I buy, or what can I do before I go into this world and all the things that I should do or know before getting started, and this forum seemed nice to me so I hope I can learn the necessary stuff here :)
  • @Bojo - Welcome to the forum! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. :)
  • Hello everyone! Im newbie here... I spend my free time reading all suggestion and opinion regarding Nikon D3100. Its a everyday learning. :)
  • @Jlab0y2 - Welcome and happy shooting!
  • edited March 2013
    Hi Folks! I just bought a D3100. Found this forum on Google. Excellent stuff! Thanks @Moose!
  • @futchereagle - Glad you stumbled upon it and welcome! :)
  • Great forum...helped me out with with my initial queries after just purchasing my D3100 - great forum everyone!
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