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Welcome to the Canon T5i / 700D Forum for Beginners


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    Thanks for creating this site Moose, it is just what I have been looking for. I love your cheat sheets but my camera Canon T5i (700D) has a 18-135mm lens. Which cheat would you recommend?
  • Hey @BetteM - I'm actually working on a set for the 18-135mm, if you'd like I can put you on a waiting list and let you know once it's available. Let me know. :)
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    Sounds fantastic, I would really appreciate that. Thanks Moose. B
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    Hey Moose, I just got a T5i and have a 24-105mm. Which cheat sheet would be the closest to that?

  • Hey @jillbock - I don't currently have a set that is compatible with the 24-105mm, but may end up creating one if I get enough interest. All the best!
  • Thanks Moose!
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    I'm new to digital. I want to video a ballet recital on a stage with stage lights. It's not professional
    production. I'll buy a cheap tripod for stability, but need to know simple instructions. Thanks Moose.
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    In order to help could you furnish us with a little more information such as the lens you will be using?

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    Hi Moose, I am really keen to use your cheat sheets with my Canon 700d 18-135mm lens. Which cheat sheet would you suggest is the closest that I can download and start to use? Many thanks, B
  • Hi @BetteM - I'm working on a set for the 700D and 18-135mm lens, so I would hold off until those are released. If you'd like I can notify you once those are available. All the best!
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    Hi Moose, I am also very interested in using your cheat sheets for the 700D 18-135mm lens. I was so excited when I found your site. I'm new to the DSLR world and feel like I'm learning a new language. I was just curious if you think they are going to be ready soon? the comments don't stamp the date, so I wasn't sure. Thanks so much in advance!
  • Hi @angelahewett - I actually finished them a couple days ago. I just need to finalize a few things and get them up on the website. Shouldn't be too much longer. :)
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    Hi Moose. I want to know how I can get best out of my DSLR. I am not getting sharp images while shooting portraits.
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    Greetings Moose. I just purchased a 700D to replace my SL1 (700D is much more comfortable to hold). I read that the 700D has integrated wifi, but I don't find any setting for that in the menu system. How does one access that? I think it would be really cool to see the photos on my iPad while I'm out being snap-happy.
  • Moose, I have a couple of questions. I am extremely new to the T5i. I can barely turn it on, change lenses, etc. I am looking for a video that shows me how to set settings for video...or even an illustrated version on how to get to menu items, etc. Secondly, I am interested in what all of the proper settings are for indoor video for instructional purposes.

  • How exciting to find something like this! Thank you! I’m a beginner I was looking for a Astro lens I was looking into the rokinon 10mm or the 14mm. What do you think? Thank you!
  • I have a canon T6I I didn't see a forum for it
    I'm new to photography and looking to better myself.
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