How to Improve These Night Photos

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Hi, I've just signed up to this site because I'm not sure if my photos are good or bad! I've only had my camera a few months and I pretty much have just learned all the basic settings. I went to my capital city, Adelaide, South Australia, and took some photos. JI'm looking for advice on how they can be improved!

Thanks in advance!



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    I'm sure I wrote an answer to this the other morning. Sigh, the joys of the internet.

    Ok let me try and remember what I said.

    I love the set and the night time photography.

    Just wondering if you could let us know what settings and the lens you used. They may also help us help you.

    Now for my advice, for what it is worth.

    The first photo, to me, seems a bit over exposed, especially the buildings. Next time try dropping the exposure and light painting the grass and flowers.

    The second one again, too much light behind, not enough in front. Other than light painting, I'm not sure how to suggest fixing this.

    The third one I love.
    I just want to know what lens you used?
    The only thing I can suggest is to make sure the camera is level so that you don't get the bending of the buildings.

    For this forth one, I would play more with the horizon. Actually I see that one and am itching to go there and do a star trail.

    Anyway, as I said, great shots and keep shooting. As long as you like them, who cares what others think!
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    Everything is out of focus. Use manuel focus at night to select what you want to focus on.
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    Hi, and thanks for the replies.

    The lens I used was the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6.

    As for the settings, I played around a bit, but I'm pretty sure it was around 8-10 f stops and as for the shutter speed I just used an intervalometer and randomly stopped it.

    This was my first time taking photos at night and I admit I may have held the shutter down for too long (1.5-2 minutes), but it was really dark and I didn't know what I was doing!

    I had the camera set on manual focus. The first photo I took was actually #4 in the above post so I had it set to maximum (infinity) because everything was too far away.

    As for trying to get things in focus, I didn't actually know what I wanted in focus. In the one with the tree, the tree was pretty much pitch black so I had no way of focusing on it that I know of!

    Once again, thanks for the tips! I will head out again on a clear night and try taking 10+ photos of each spot using different settings and seeing what turns out good or bad!
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    Does your intervalometer have a timer on it?
    Mine does, but you shouldn't need it.
    What I do with most of mine is set the Av to between 5 and 8 (ISO on 100 or 200) and then hit the button on my remote.

    Are you a member of Facebook?

    Maybe try contacting .

    They may do walk arounds or point you in a direction where someone can help. It might be easier to focus if you had a second person shining a bright light on the object you want to focus on.

    Good luck and happy shooting!
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