D3200 - Moose, what is your opinion of the D3200?

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Moose, what is your opinion of the D3200? I think you have had it for a little while now.

I find that my D3100 was easier to get sharper pictures and the 24mp crop was not all that.



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    Just sharing my opinion why I think my D3100 took sharper pictures than my D3200. Nobody want to admit this except a CNET editor.

    First, the D3200 does have 50% higher resolution which translates into possibly sharper pictures? The reality that I see is it is very difficult to get those sharp pictures with the 24mp vs the 14mp.

    After my ad hoc and unexpert experiments, its seems that the higher 24mp needs a higher shutter speed or a tripod to get a crisp picture.

    When I zoom in on 24mp pic, I see fuzz way before I see the pixels. With the D3100, it was sharp all the way down to the pixels.

    The D3100 allowed me to get the sharp pictures at lower shutters speeds without a tripod.

    Just sharing my own thoughts. I think the D3100 was a better camera in terms of picture quality. Perhaps we have hit the mp ceiling around 14-16mp for practical use.

    Well, I am sure it is different to admit that the new model is not quite good as the old model, but I think that is what I'm saying.

    My additional questions to Moose:

    Can I degrade the D3200, shoot at a lower mp level that will be be easier for me to get the same sharp pictures as a D3100?

    Where art thou Moose? Grazing the mountain valleys.

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    Moose, any comments on the D3200?
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    Moose, I bumped up the in camera settings for sharpness, saturation, and contrast.

    I also adjusted EV to -.07. This seems to help increase the sharpness. What do you say?
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