need to buy 1st external flash... recommendations?

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Any recommendations for my first external flash would be appreciated! Nothing too serious, just for daily use. Nothing professional related.


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    Hi Jones,
    Im in the same boat (sort of), but I have been looking at the SB-400 (it's the cheapest one Nikon has). If it's nothing professional you require, and you're using it in general usage (i.e candids, portraits etc.) then I would be more than tempted to go for this one. The flash can be tilted in 4 positions, horizontal, 60, 75 and 90 degrees. This will give you some great portrait shots and you can start bouncing the flash and get different pictures all together. It's light weight and takes 2 AA batteries. You can grab this one on amazon for under £90 at the moment. It's compatible with the D3100 of course.

    My 2nd option would be a SB-600. This would be a step up and is more expensive, but you can do alot more with it. It all depends on how much you want to experiment. It's a discontinued product but can be picked up on ebay for around the £160 mark.

    If price is an issue then a 3rd party one would do you just great. Not quite certain which one would do but I'm sure someone else might enlighten us.

    Hope this helps a little.

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    What about the YN560? It isn't TTL but it's cheaper than any Nikon and you don't have to set the pop up flash to manual to stop it from popping up.
  • You could try:

    Meike 900 MK900 TTL Flash Speedlite, (ebay - £116), compatible with all Nikon cameras with a hot shoe.
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    YongNuo have ttl flashes too at price of 100 bucks. Robbo have you tested Meike or do you have rewievs of it?
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