Canon 10-22mm VS. Canon 15-85mm

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Which would be the best choice as far as landscape photography???? Any help is much appreciated!!! Mahalo :)


  • Hi Bethany
    I owned the 10-22mm and now own a 15-85mm. Both lenses have superb optical performance for EF-S lenses. However, my feelings are that the 15-85mm is a much more versatile lens. The 10-22mm was great for sweeping vistas and tight interiors, but it was seldom on my camera. The 15-85mm is my general purpose walk around lens at the moment. The 15mm end gives wide coverage for landscapes while the other focal lengths are great for portraits and other subjects. The minimum focus distance of 39cm throughout the zoom range enables a degree of close up work.
    My opinions only, but hope they are of use.
  • Thank you for your input @PBked. Do you have any experience with the 17-40mm L Series Lens?
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