why were they blurred?

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Using my D3100 at a party last weekend a lot of the pics came out blurred (where there was movement of hands, faces etc). It was inside on sport setting with flash under electric lights and people were dancing (house party in kitchen not dancehall dark).
Now, let me see if I have got an idea myself. Could it be that the flash is not up to the job thus making the camera keep its shutter open too long? Am I way off the mark?
If so, what was I doing wrong and if the standard flash isn't up to the job which is a good flash unit to buy for the D3100?
If you haven't guessed I'm still learning. :o(
Thanks guys!


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    If your shutter speed was slower than 1/60th of a second, some can hand hold at slower speeds, then that could be the cause. Look at the info in your blurred image.
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    Dino is right on, and at 1/60th depth is better for a gathering, but if the party goers, guests, and dancers are on Red Bull or XTC and you you'll want a shutter priority of at least 1/125th (loss of depth)....What were your settings?
    The Nikon on-camera flash does an amazing job!
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    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the replies. According to iphoto the settings were ISO 2500 - f/3.5 - 1/60.
    My wife took most of the pics on sport setting. I may have messed around with things a bit so I just reset all the settings to default.
    Do the settings seem about right?
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    I am new to the Nikon D3100 Forum. Can you please explain what 1/60th of a second is and how I can set this.

  • 1/60th of a second is the amount of time your shutter is open. The amount of time your shutter is open determines how much light is let in. You can change this setting when you are in the "S" mode that is on the setting dial.
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    I'm brand new to this blog and night photography. This is exactly what I need when photographing rodeos at night. My cowboys and livestock are blurred in the photos. Last night I tried P mode and bumped up the ISO and still had problems. What would everyone suggest? I'm really frustrated! Thanks in advance.
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    Jojo are you taking photos with kit lens 18-55mm? It isn't that good in low light without an external flash or tripod. You will need very slow shutterspeed to get good photos. There is one money costing solution for the Nikon D3100. Nikon 35mm 1.8 lens is great in low light. It's around $120-150 used or $180 new. Remember you can't zoom with that lens so you need to know where to stand to fit people in the photo.

    The kit lens is great in sunlight but can't handle low light that well. Getting a lens for low light situations saves your nerves alot and brings better results!

    External budget flashes: Nissins or chinese YoungNuo are great and a lot cheaper than Nikon's (Yongnuo costing around $100).
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    Thanks kravattisolmu I am going to look at external flashes Saturday and I appreciate your suggestions.
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    I bought an external flash this weekend and used it at a rodeo. It made a difference. Thanks for the help.
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