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I've been trying to click pictures of my 1yr old son but becuse of his movements i end up getting not so desirable pictures. I only shoot manual.


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    @rajmen78 - When you encounter subject blur in your shots, it means your shutter speed is too slow. Unless you have a good grasp of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, I would stick the the scene modes (portrait, landscape, sports, ect...) provided by your camera. In addition to that, set your ISO to Auto when shooting indoors. This will allow your camera to achieve a faster shutter speed and produce sharper shots of moving subjects. Happy shooting! :)
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    Hi @rajmen78 - I can't argue with Moose's advice, but if you are prepared to try another mode beside manual then try using AI Servo as your focus mode. This enables the T2i to track subjects as they move and keep them in focus. Check out 'Shooting Tips' on page 69 of the manual. Regards, PBked
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