Refurbished 60D questions

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Hey @Moose, I'm interested in the Canon 60D. I wanted to ask your opinion about buying refurbished gear. Is buying a refurbished camera and a new lens any different than buying a new Camera and a refurbished lens or is it okay to purchase both the 60D and lens refurbished. I'm a little afraid to get stuck with a lemon...what's your thoughts?



  • Howdy Tom, buying refurbished really depends on the retailer. If you're buying a refurbished 60D from a non-authorized Canon retailer, I would steer clear.

    The only real issue I have with refurbished DSLR's is the unknown number of shutter actuations. Say you were to buy two refurbished 60D's. One could have 10 shutter actuations, while the other could have 10,000. If you went with a used 60D, you could ask the seller how many shutter actuations that particular body has before purchasing.

    As for lenses, I purchase used lenses all the time. Refurbished lenses tend to be newer models with little use, so there's no real major concern other than a slightly higher price tag when compared to used lenses. In my experience, you can usually find a used lens with the same condition as a refurbished lens for a lot less. Just my two cents...happy shooting! :)
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    Thanks so much...I appreciate your advice & comments! - Tom
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