Lens is stuck at 45mm (18-55mm lens)

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My lens is stuck. It will not zoom all the way to 55mm, it stops at 45mm? Is there something I can do to fix it?


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    Lens zoom is stuck at 45mm, and it won't move beyond this. How can I fix it? Please help.
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    If this is the newer pushbutton type, make sure that the lens is released from its retracted position before trying to zoom it. Wiggle it as you operate the button, in case it's stuck a little.

    It's possible it got jammed, either by impact, sand, or just plain malfunction. Before giving up, I'd try taking it off the camera (not because the camera should affect the zoom, but just to keep from damaging the camera), and try to operate the zoom by gently wiggling it back and forth, to see if it will begin moving again. If there's something stuck, it might unstick. Otherwise, however, I suspect you're out of luck unless you operate on it yourself.

    This lens, while quite decent in performance, is not very expensive, and unfortunately probably not worth fixing, unless it's still under warranty. You can get used examples from KEH.com usually for less than it would cost to repair, but I'd try unjamming it first, to see if you can persuade it to work again.
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