Can't get remote to work with my D5100

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I bought a remote for my D5100, but it wont work. I can't find any setting that should be turned on. Even bought another battery. Am I missing something? Much appreciated!


  • @chris - It sounds like you're using the ML-L3 wireless remote. In order to use the wireless remote, you have to change your 'Release mode' to 2s Delayed Remote or Quick Response mode. You can do so by pressing the "i" button and navigating to the right hand column on the info panel display and highlighting 'Release mode'. Press 'OK' to access the menu and you'll see the available options. Hope that helps and happy shooting! :)
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    Thanks! Yep, found that out after i took the remote back! The guy at JB Hi Fi said it was faulty. Went to another camera shop and he showed me in the settings and sold me one! Pays to know your stuff. The amazing thing is this setting is not in the manual!
  • @chris - Glad you figured it out. Happy shooting! :)
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