what is best setting while i shoot street people style (full body)

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What is best setting to use while I shoot street people style (full body)? I just bought my camera Nikon D3100 so bear with me...help?!


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    The beauty of digital photography is that you can experiment all you want. You can shoot 100's of images to get just one that's a keeper, with no regrets. There's no cost for processing negatives and no spending cash on prints you don't want.

    What I mean to say is experiment. To start, set your 18-55mm lens to 18mm. If you're outdoors in the daylight, set your ISO to 200 (on the screen); 400 if in low light. Set the dial (on top) to "no flash" (that's the setting just under the green "auto"). In fact, this will be auto without flash.

    I shoot everything in "RAWf." This gives me more lattitude in processing images through my software programs. The camera will automatically create a JPEG image as well.

    Now have fun and don't worry. You'll learn as you go.
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