Silhouette Photography

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I would like to know the settings to achieve a quality silhouette picture. ;)


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    I haven't done this in years, but ...

    - set your metering to "spot".
    - set the dial to Auto/no flash (just below the green "Auto").
    - make sure your subject has a strong light source behind it (could be sunlight).
    - point the center of your camera view screen at the brightest part of the background.
    - press the shutter release halfway and hold it there.
    - read the shutter speed and f-stop on the screen and remember these.
    - turn the top dial to "M".
    - manually adjust the shutter speed and f-stop to the numbers you read and remembered.
    - center the view screen on your silhouette. Compose the frame and push the shutter release halfway to auto-focus.
    - press further and take the shot.

    See what happens. If it doesn't work, then I don't know what I'm talking about!

    Hint: you can press the shutter release halfway and release. Then on your lens move the slider from "A" to "M." This will lock in your focus so you can take several shots with your subject in different positions without having to refocus the lens.
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