Understanding the 60D histogram

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I am positive I spelled it wrong, LOL. But, I would like someone to give a nutshell type of explanation of the graph the you can view that helps you compose and balance your pictures. I have read that you should be looking for a gentle start on the left and a gentle finish on the right. That really tells me nothing. Thanks for any help on the matter. ;)


  • @Auston - On page 193 of your 60D manual you'll see a couple sample histograms. If you can imagine a bell curve (wow this is bringing me back to calculus), ideally you want the curve slowly arcing from the left of the graph to the middle of the graph and then slowly arcing back down to the right. You don't want any space on the left or right of the bell curve. Too much spacing on the right and your image will be underexposed (dark). Too much spacing on the left and your image will be overexposed (bright). Hope that all makes sense. :)
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    Thanks for the "mental image" Moose. I hated calculus and the nightmares. ;)
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