night shot by nikon 3100

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Dear All,

Since I started to using my D3100 recently, I am very keen to learn some basics as well as hints and tricks. I hope you can share your experinces especially for night time shots.



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    Night time shots are really the most dramatic, and by night time, I'm referring to "The Golden Hour"; that period of time known as twilight from just before to just after sunset, and also from just before and just after sunrise. You will see cobalt blue skies if it's clear, and of course the lights of your surroundings. There's nothing else like it. Try automatic settings to start with, just to see what your camera can do on it's own, and then try playing with higher ISO settings, and use a tripod to take longer exposure shots by playing with your shutter speed.

    Try using the "S" setting for shutter-priority mode on the mode dial. Turn the command dial next to the "AE-L AF-L" button, all the way to the lowest shutter speed until you see "B" for bulb and select that. You can now keep the shutter open for as long as you have your finger on the shutter release... 30-seconds, 1-minute, whatever! Play around and check out your shots on the monitor. You'll quickly learn which settings work best for your taste during "The Golden Hour." Have fun!
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    Great info! Would these settings work for night action shots?
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    These settings would be for photographing landscapes, cars moving to obtain a stream of light, or any effect that you may want to emphasise movement at dusk/dawn/night and maybe during the day. A reason for the bulb setting is to set the desired amount of light entering the lens that you require.

    If you want to capture action shots then you would need a higher shutter speed; that's assuming you want the shot frozen. As the first comment states you need to play around with higher ISO's to get the right amount of light.

    As a rule of thumb, for me, a tripod is a must for night shots depending on the situation.

    If you could give more information (i.e what your shooting, location, available light, built in flash/flash gun/natural) then we may be able to help further.

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    Buy Speedlight. There are cheap Chinese brands.
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    I need some help in this area as well. I am trying to take pictures of bull riding and my pictures are either too dark (but not blurry), or I have enough light but the subject comes out blurry.
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    I have been trying night shot on my Nikon D3100 camera, but that time I lost my , so pity.
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