Day time long exposures using ND filters

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Just learning my D5100. I'm really keen on learning how to take day time long exposure shots. Could you let me know about ND filters that are affordable and compatible with D5100? Also compatible remote release cords?


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    @vcl - ND ( neutral density) filters reduce the amount of light hitting the image sensor, thus allowing you to use slower shutter speeds in broad daylight to capture cool flowing water.

    They come in different darkness levels, usually referred to as neutral density factors. Choosing which one to use, really depends on how much light is available and the type of effect you're going for. If you can give me an idea of the lens you're using and the types of effects you're after, I can point you in the right direction.

    In regards to compatible remotes, I really like the corded Nikon MC-DC2. It doesn't require batteries and gives you good control over bulb (long) exposures. Hope that helps and happy shooting! :)
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    Thanks for the reply....I still have only the kit lense. As for the effects it's lansdscape with smooth water and cloud fronts, waterfalls plus the "ghost like" or "deserted" effects with an urbanscape.
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    @vcl - I recommend the Hoya 52mm 2.7x ND filter (see here) for your 18-55mm kit lens. This filter will reduce the amount of available light by 9 stops. When shooting on an extremely bright sunny day, you'll need a ND filter this dark in order to get shutter speeds slow enough to capture movement. Happy shooting! :)
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    Thanks! :)
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