I worked in a cookie cutter studio and now I am dumb

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I started out learning on a fully manual film camera and the only digitals I had were point and shoot (years later). Then I got a job working in a cookie cutter portrait studio where everything was set for us. All we had to do was pick the backgrounds, set the lights (on a computer with the push of a button) and point and click. They even hired people with no experience at all. I had a coworker who had never taken a picture before. Anyway I did this for years and I got to the point where I didn't ever want to take pictures outside of work (I was burnt out). I left my job 1.5 years ago and 1 year ago I bought myself a Nikon D3100 and for the last year have only shot in auto mode because I forgot everything about using a manual camera. It really bothers me, and my daughter is coming to the end of her junior year and we have just started her senior pics. We are doing all four seasons and the portraits are good but I know they could be so much better. I just need some help, please anyone. :)


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    Hey Shanahw

    Well i'm certainly NO expert but you should just try putting the camera on portrait mode (woman with the little hat on). Seems to do the job. Alternatively you could try the child setting?

    When feeling slightly more adventurous just take pictures on all the settings and see which you prefer for portraits, which is what I'm doing (only invested in my D3100 about a month ago)!

    Hopefully that helps a little bit! :)

  • Thanks Kali!!!
  • Expertise comes with practice. Don't be afraid to experiment! Change settings, lighting, aperture, shutter speed. What's the worst that can happen? You have to delete a few pics? Try using natural light.
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