Canon 60D RAW settings

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I just bought the Canon 60D and I'm having trouble with the RAW settings, it wont let me select them or change them! The scroll tool that's meant to select the RAW settings only scrolls through the JPEG settings. I just can seem to get into the RAW settings at all....


  • @rubyhaze - Once you access the menu, highlight the first tab and select 'Quality'. When the 'Quality' menu pops up, use the small dial next to the shutter button to select a RAW setting. Next, use the arrow and highlight the (-) under the JPEG options. After that, press the 'SET' button to lock the settings into place. This will setup your 60D to shoot RAW only. Let me know if that works for you.
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    Ruby, if you are shooting in RAW & JPEG setting on your camera then it goes to the JPEG for the review on the body. But you can look at the RAW data on your computer. ;)
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