Photographing Architecture

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Hi there,

I am an Architecture student recently invested in the Nikon D3100 and love it! However I'm new to such a camera so struggling to grasp all of the different settings.
I was wondering if anyone can provide any tips on shooting great photo's of buildings exterior and interior?
i.e. different settings that may enhance the photo or give it a really nice effect.




  • What sort of "nice effect" are you looking for? It probably won't be a camera setting that will enhance the photo, but what will is the lighting and camera angle. It's best to shoot in early morning or late afternoon lighting. Shooting between 10 am and 2 pm is usually not a good time because the sun is high in the sky and the light is harsh. You want low angle lighting for good contrast between highlights and shadows. Wait for a foggy day and try to capture the building with fog swirling around it. Also, check out some architecture magazines and use some of their ideas, but make them your own. Look for a unique angle of the building or a unique feature and concentrate on that. Try using a fish-eye lens or an extremely low camera angle. There are some setting in the retouch menu that may enhance your photos, such as monochrome, filter effects, color balance, distortion and perspective control, and miniature effect. When shooting inside under fluorescent lighting, make sure to set the white balance. Have fun with it and don't let all the menus confuse you. The great thing about digital photography is if you make a mistake, just delete it and shoot again!
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    Thanks, that's some brilliant advice! I have been looking into some wider lenses, and flicking through different settings to get the best picture. Really appreciate the advice, making me realize that rather then relying on the camera to do all the work I can control what photo is achieved using simple planning like the time of day etc.

    Much appreciated.
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