Edit: Camera restarts on its own (Nope, just me being a noob!)

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Hello (I've posted this question on Facebook but thought I'd post it here as well),

I have just purchased a D3100 and love it so far, but have discovered an issue just now. In Auto mode it takes and saves pictures just fine. In Manual mode, immediately after pressing the shutter button, the camera turns off for about 10 seconds, restarts and shows a solid green led as though it's reading from the memory card. After it has done this the camera is ready to be used again.

I check the image and it's solid white, as though it didn't capture anything.

Is this a camera issue or a memory card issue? For the record, it's just a bog-standard 2GB 'Dane-elec' (?) card. Why would it work okay in Auto mode? :/

P.S. I have formatted the memory card from within the camera and the problem still persists.

Update: The camera does work just fine in other modes such as Portrait, but still not in Manual :/

Edit: Big thanks to Zoltan on Facebook for solving this issue for me. As I'm sure almost all of you probably knew, it was down to "neglecting the light meter" as he politely put it. I adjusted that and all is working fine. I guess we all have to start somewhere! Now, on to the tutorials................! :d
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