Looking for a good all-in-one lens

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I went to purchase a Tamron 18-200mm lens, but they only had the 18-270mm, which was about $300 more than I wanted to spend as a beginner. Any suggestions for a good all-in-one lens?


  • Howdy @PLepew - Yep, the latest installment of the Tamron "all-in-one" comes with a Piezo drive focusing motor and vibration compensation (same thing as vibration reduction) which drives up the cost a bit.

    You shouldn't have trouble finding past models of the 18-270mm (here) and the 18-200mm (here) used within your price range.

    I would lean more towards the newer 18-270mm lens without VC. It will give you the zoom range you desire at a price range that's well within your budget. Happy shooting! :)
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