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Shooting with 70-300mm Tamron, what settings are best for bird shooting in regular daylight to catch them flying without the blur?


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    If you don't want blur, you need a very fast shutter speed, but a lower f-stop to allow for proper exposure. Experiment, experiment, experiment. A good starting point is probably 250s with an aperture of f8. Are you hand-holding or using a tripod? Hand held shooting requires a higher shutter speed (generally speaking, you want the shutter speed to match the ISO setting to prevent blur). You could also try shooting in P or S mode, or use the sports scene mode. Personally, I use the manual setting on my camera for all my shooting because I want total control. Sometimes blur can be a good thing, though. It lends a more artistic flair to the picture, sort of like when you shoot moving water at oh, say 1/4 second. The water looks like it's flowing rather than frozen in time. Good luck.
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