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I want to buy nikon D3100 camera and I just want to know about a few things:
1. can I use this camera in the greek language?
2. How long does the battery last?

Thank you!
I hope you'll answer me!


  • The list of languages on my D3100 are
    Cestina (Cz)
    Dansk (Dk)
    Deutsch (De)
    English (En)
    Espanol (Es)
    Francais (Fr)
    Indonesia (Id)
    Italiano (It)
    Nederlands (Nl)
    Norsk (No)
    Polski (Pl)
    Portugues (Pt)
    Pyccnn (Ru)
    Suomi (Fi)
    Svenska (Sv)
    Turkce (Tr)
    Then some Asian languages
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    Ok! Thank you!
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    How long does the battery last?? Please answer me!
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    How many miles per gallon does a car get? How long is a piece of string? How funny are my jokes?

    All those questions depend on the situation. Battery life is the same.

    My D3100 battery lasts long enough for 400 photo's at least. However, I don't really use the flash very often and I don't really use the screen to view photo's I have taken.
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    Thank you!
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