How to brighten teeth using Photoshop Elements

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@onoblvd's Question: I've been using Picnik for tweaking photos, however, the service is no longer available. I've been trying to use Photoshop Elements in the same way I used, like teeth whitening and other cool effects. Picnik was so easy and fun. How do you use these simple tasks with Elements? Teeth whitening, effects, (such as focal zoom, focal soften).

@Moose's Answer: It's a shame Google is closing Picnik, my wife really likes using it. As for accomplishing the same effects using Photoshop can achieve the same effects, but the interface is a bit more advanced. If you haven't already done so, I recommend you mosey on over to YouTube and do a couple searches for the effects you're trying to duplicate.

For example, Elements has a "Pearly White's" tool that allows you to brighten teeth. Depending on what version of Elements you have, all you need to do is select the Smart Brush from the tool bar. When you do this a panel will appear. In the drop down panel, select Portrait. You'll see a list of options appear and from that panel you can select Pearly Whites. This will allow you to select the teeth and brighten them.

Lastly, if you're looking for an even simpler interface than Elements, you might take a look at Google's Picasa. It has many of the same effects that Picnik did, along with the ability to easily organize and share images. Hope that helps! :)


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