How to shoot panoramic views using the Nikon D3100

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I just bought a D3100. I've been using different modes, but I haven't seen a Panoramic View setting. Can you please help me? Also, I just downloaded Nikon View NX2. Just wanted to know if this software is good or if I should use another piece of software for editing.


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    @suledhaval - Unfortunately, the Nikon D3100 doesn't come equipped with a dedicated panorama mode or setting. In order to capture panoramas, you'll have to do it the good ole' fashioned way...

    Take a bunch of photos horizontally or vertically and stitch them together using Panoramic software, like Image Composite Editor or PTgui.

    For some tips on the setup and which settings to use, check out this thread on panoramic shooting with the Nikon 5100. All of the same techniques can be used with the D3100. Happy shooting! :)
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