Tripod Dilema

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Hi everyone
I'm now having a tripod dilema. I want a sturdy tripod that will last me a while, but one of the main things I'm looking for is the action of moving the center pole not just up an down but also the ability lock it through 180 degrees. These are the tripods I've been procrastinating over:
1) Manfrotto 055XPROB - I think with this one I can only use the center pole in an upright or 90 degree posion (please correct me if I'm wrong.
2) Giottos MTL9361B - I believe I can lock the center pole at any point.
3) Benro A-297EX - As far as I can find from reading is similar to #2.

Moose or anybody else if you have any ideas or input on a tripod thet will let me use the center pole locked in any angle please let me know (also not one that will break the bank). Until reading tonight I was leaning toward the manfrotto, but now I'm really not sure. Thanks guys and girls for reading and I hope to hear soon.


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    Then theres the Vanguard tripod, which is definitely adjustable to any angle:
    VANGUARD Alta Pro 263AT 3-Section Aluminium Tripod of 165cm
    (Mmm, looks good, I might be tempted!)
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    @robbo, I just saw that one after I wrote the post. I'm even more confused now, but I think it will be the Alta Pro as the giottos is not available. The alta pro has a life time warranty also, so that can't be bad. :-)
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