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Hey Moose!
First of all I'm very impressed with! The site layout is very clean, soothing and above all extremely easy to explore and as u say "hangout"... Great job!

Coming to my query, I want to know if there is any way I can select more than one focus point simultaneously on my D3100?
The camera on AutoFocus mode automatically selects more than one focus point but on single focus, dynamic focus etc. I seem to have a problem achieving that. This is particularly irritating when I'm shooting groups and want all the faces in focus.

Thanks in advance!


  • Check out the owner's manual. It gives detailed info on how to do this.
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    That is the same problem I am having. I can't focus on all subjects in a group when I want to.
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    Sorry, but I couldn't find it in the owner's manual. :(
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