LCD Screen photo display problem

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Today I bought a new 60D and have only taken a few photos. I ran into a problem with my swivel display. After I take a photo, the image is not completely showing up on my display. Only a small fraction of the top is showing, with the rest of the screen black. When I flip it back to fit in the camera is shows all the picture. Then when I swiveled the display back out, the picture did the same thing. At this time the screen and the picture on the screen started to flash. Please help.


  • Howdy @mo60d - That is a bit strange. The flashing is probably associated to 'Highlight Alert' (reference page 192 of the manual). As for the rotating issue, I'm not entirely sure. When playing back images, try pressing the INFO button a couple times to change the LCD display. If that doesn't help, I would give Canon support a call.
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    Thanks for the help Moose. When the LCD screen is open facing me, I can't see anything; an image, the menu options, nothing. When I flip the screen to face away from me, all becomes visible. Thanks again. I most likely will call Canon support.
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