Which settings is good to use in the rainny season


  • I don't think there's a whole lot different between rainy season and dusk or cloudy days. I'd make sure the shutter speed is adequate for poor light, and otherwise not change much. If you shoot with Auto White Balance you might find that the colors get a bit cool and bluish in the light, and things will pop a bit better, with a yellower cast, if you choose the WB setting for either cloud or shade.

    If you use a slow shutter speed, it can make actual rain falling look nice and blurry and atmospheric, but you'll need a tripod or at least a very steady hand if you go very slow.

    Otherwise the main thing, I think, is to make sure your gear doesn't get too wet. The D5200 is not very weatherproof though it can likely stand a bit of a sprinkle, and the kit lenses are pretty vulnerable both to moisture and fog. Carry a plastic bag or two for quick covering, make sure you have a good cleaning cloth for the lens, and use a lens shade to minimize droplets on the front of the lens.
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