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Has anyone ever used a lightning censor for photographing lightning? If so, do you have any recommendations? Thinking about buying one. Found a Vivitar on eBay for $65.00


  • Currently looking at a Vivitar on eBay for $65.00.
  • I haven't used a lightning sensor, but if you buy one I'd be interested in seeing how it goes.

    I've photographed lightning a number of times, but just used a time exposure, waiting until the lightning flashes. It's possible with a little experimentation to get a good shot, and also to get multiple flashes. How this works will depend somewhat on what else is in the scene. In the country where there's little if any other light, it works well simply to open the shutter at a middling F stop, and wait. In a city, this could end up with blown highlights if you make the exposure too long, so a lightning sensor might work better.

    The D3200 has only a "B" setting on the shutter speed dial, meaning you must hold the button down for the duration unless you have a remote. However, the infrared remote sensor provides a proper time exposure, with one push of the button to open the shutter, and the next to close it. This makes it quite nice for long tripod exposures.

    If you're using a remote (and this may include the lightning sensor) you should know that the camera will focus anew for every shot. This can be a problem in the dark, as there's nothing to focus on, so however you decide to shoot lightning, focus either manually or AF (a distant light can be a good focus point rather than the sky) but switch to manual before you shoot.
  • Hi Bruto,

    Thank you for the reply. Have been doing some reading. It looks like there are cheap models for under $100.00 with inconsistent reviews. Then there is the Miops for around $200.00 with better reviews. Still shopping around. Thank you for the advice.

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