RAW Image Quality Setting Disappeared

I recently began shooting in raw. However, it was short lived as now both RAW and JPEG/RAW have disappeared. The other JPEGs remain. I get a message on my camera that the setting I am looking for is "not available at current settings or in camera's current state." Help!


  • Problem solved! Somehow the I must have turned the setting indicator off of Manual. and it wound up in place that did not support RAW. Just like the message on my camera said. Thanks for listening!
  • I was just about to respond when Windows decided it must do an update right NOW! and it seems you solved your problem in the meantime. I'm not familiar with some of the options that changed between the D3200 and 3300, but I know that in some cameras HDR and panorama modes cannot run with Raw. P,S,A and M all should and so should the other modes such as Sport and Landscape and whatnot.
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