Tips On Shooting Fast Paced Sports

Hey There!! I'm A Newbie To The Group/Forum And An Old Friend To Photography! I Just Purchased A Cannon EOS REBEL T6 It comes with the
EF-S 18-15mm Lens and I Purchased An EF 75-300mm Lens To Go Along This Is An Upgrade From The Plain Jane Digital Camera I've Been Using Now Fooor Years Since My Son Was Born 11yrs Ago And My Late Husband Left The Diaper Bag On Top Of The Car With My 35mm Nikon With My 75-300mm lens on it..Sadly The Camera Didn't Make It, The Husband Sure Did Tho To The Fire Page He Was Rushing Off For! Now Enough Of My Ramblings, It's Been About 10yrs since I've Been Able To Use A " NICE" Camera And I Do Have Quite A Bit Od Experience In Portrait&Landscape I Have "0" In Fast Paced Sports Like HOCKEY! My Son's Hockey Team Is Headed 5hrs Away From Home To Bring Back The State Title To Our Quiet Little Northern Michigan Almost Canada Town So My Question Is, In An Indoor Arena On A Full Length Arena Sheet Of Ice To Capture Individual Players Photos Or Multiple Fast Moving Players/Puck Shots It's Best To Adjust To Slow It's The Poor Lighting/Stadium Florescent
Lights, Ice&Protective Glass I Worry About! Should I Go Up Twords The Bad Lighting Try to Stick Kt Out In Middle&With All Those Factors What Lens Of The Two I Have Do I Use?
Thanks For The Ramble &Any Help From It!!
#Hopeful Hockey MoM In Michigan
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