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Is there a way on the D3200 to have the timer set for multiple shots. For example : taking several product photos without having to set timer for each shot. My medication makes me shake sometimes and even using a tripod I like to have a " hands off" approach to get the clearest photos.
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  • No,, unfortunately the timer on this model works only for one shot at a time. However, the infrared remote control for this camera is very inexpensive. You can get third-party ones that work fine for under ten dollars (check B&H, for example, or if you have a Target store nearby they may still make a universal remote for Nikon and Canon for about $10, though only one of its buttons will fire a Nikon). The Vello brand that B&H sells is just fine. Brick and mortar store may well have a similar one by Promaster or the like.

    The D3200 has infrared sensors both front and back, and it is thus quite easy to fire it remotely. You get a choice here of either two second delay (good for selfies) or immediate (good for tripod shots). The remote function will remain enabled until you power off or reset it. The rear remote sensor on this model is on the upper left, so it works best if you hold it somewhat to the left, and may not work if you hold it off to the right, but it works very well.

    The D3200 is not troubled by mirror slap, either, so the fact that the timer raises the mirror first is of little if any consequence. Remote tripod shots are crisp.

    If you are using back button focusing or focusing and recomposing, the remote will not work so well, because it refocuses when you use it, even if you have back button focusing enabled. If you need to prefocus, you'll need either to focus manually, or put the lens into manual focus before you shoot. But if you are operating normally with shutter button focus anyway, you won't notice a difference.

    Remember to turn off VR when on a tripod if possible for maximum sharpness. Often it makes no difference but it sometimes can.
  • Thank you @BRUTO. Looks like a remote is the best option. Going to check out B&H. Thanks again!
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