Will the Raynox DCR-250 Super Macro Snap-On Lens fit a kit lens for nikond3400? and is it worth the buy and will it make a difference?

thank you


  • It should fit and judging from results I've seen it looks as if it will work pretty well. The macro lenses that clip onto the end of a lens work pretty well in general, though they vary in optical quality. The Raynox has a good reputation. Even the best of these may cause some linear distortion at the edges, so they're not best for grids, fabrics, and the like which require linear accuracy, but even the cheap ones make a pretty good job of flowers and insects and the like where distortion or even a little edge blurring don't matter.

    AF and all camera functions should continue to work, but for macro work you may need manual focus anyway, as dept of field is very limited, and the AF might not choose just what you want.
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