Hi all. I have just bought an ND400 Variable ND filter. I have tripod and "beanbag" and use a wireless remote. Can anyone suggest best settings for starting out i.e. taking shots of rivers, seascapes etc.
I have tried Apature setting but camera doesnt autofocus and I cannot tell when the remote has opened the shutter. Sorry - lengthy question from New member


  • When the filter is on, AF won't work well. If the filter is variable to a light enough shade, focus first with it wide open, then close it. Otherwise, manually focus and then put the filter on.

    Unfortunately, the remote will cause the AF to try again, so your efforts will be lost. Since the camera is always on "focus priority" in AF, when AF fails it won't shoot. Your best bet here is to focus first then with care not to disturb, turn AF off at the lens, or focus manually from the start. The camera shifts to release priority, and then the remote will the work properly.
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