Would like the ability to quickly change the NIKON D3100 flash output.

Googled and found "ADJUSTING FLASH OUTPUT WITH A NIKON D3100 OR D5100" By Julie Adair King

Tried the two options but neither worked. Could not even get the flash compensation icon to light up as shown in the article.


1. Looked for a D3100 Forum search area but did not find any so rapidly scanned but also did not find any questions similar.

2. Hope there is a video that shows how to adjust the D3100 flash output.
Maybe I can follow it better because am doing something wrong.




  • ON the D3200, which I think is about the same, you get flash compensation by using the [i] button, which gives you a display screen. The basic flash settings are found at the lightning bolt symbol, the compensation just to the right. Arrow to highlight the desired setting, then push [OK] for the options. Push the four-way control up and down to add or reduce compensation on the flash. Push OK again, and you can just exit that menu by hitting the release button or turning the camera off.

    You can also go to the menu for flash setting for flash control, and if you switch to "manual" you can set the flash for percentages of full flash manually, but in this menu you cannot set compensation for the TTL flash.
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