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Hello to all! Does any one know if there is a lens adapter needed for my d5300 to fit the 2 x converter and wide angel lenses on to the body, they are both screw threads on them which in old money I would of said it was an M42 fit (example), it all came as a kit but the lenses are some what useless as they are not the Nikon fit, I have spoken to jessops but wasn't particularly helpful, so if anyone can shine any light on this or point me in the right direction would be much appreciated. I want to mount the zoom lens to obviously double its length although I believe some features wont work ....auto focus ,please correct me if im wrong. many thanks


  • If these came in a kit, they may be meant to screw to the outer end of the lens. These converters are generally of pretty poor quality, so don't expect too much from them. Some kits do include these things and if so, they should have a 52 mm. thread, and go on as filters do.

    If these are actually m42 screw mount, as in the mount that was once used for Pentax and other film cameras, you're quite out of luck, as Nikon's lens registration (the distance between back of lens and film or digital sensor plane) is longer than any other SLR so other brands of lenses will not focus to infinity without a lens added to the adapter, which is not worth it.

    If the threads are for a T-mount, you can get a T-mount adapter. But T mount lenses will have no automation - no metering, no AF, not even an automatic aperture. 100 percent manual.
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