Starting point

I have been wanting to get into photography for quite awhile now and just got a Canon T2i for my birthday. It came with 2 lenses and I got the SD card to save the pics. The things that I prefer to photograph are landscapes and nature, sometimes my kids but thats about it. Any starter tips on where to start and what kind of lighting and what not I should look for? I usually notice the color of the sky or winter time and go by that and some pics turn out pretty well. I havent done any landscape with this camera yet due to wanting to buy your cheat cards for the lenses I have so i know what the heck I am doing. Any advice would be welcomed! I do follow on instagram and facebook so i see some of the stuff you have done as well as reading a lot on this website which is a godsend for my newbie self.
Thank you,
Melissa Kelly
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