Battery Error

My camera indicates "This battery cannot be used. Choose battery designated for use in this camera."


  • Is this a third-party battery? Nikon has managed to make some third party batteries incompatible, though some are. I don't know exactly what's inside them, but there's something inside beyond just a battery cell, which tells the camera that it's the correct battery.

    If it's something that was previously compatible, you might try recharging it fully if you haven't already, to see if it can be revived. But otherwise, I suspect the battery has developed some internal error.

    If possible, if you have some brick and mortar store in your vicinity, it might be possible to go there and ask to try a battery to make sure it's not the camera itself. One of the more common third party batteries, Promaster, should be fully compatible, as are B&H's Watson brand.
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