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Much has been said about P mode, also known as "flexible" mode. Basic and interesting information about P mode can be found here. So I'm not sure if I can add something interesting but after few tests I wonder if P mode does more than I though it does. For example: with a 18-140mm Nikkor lens attached, the P mode chose 1/640s - 1:5.6 at the top of the zoom. There were other posibilities, but the P mode chose this particular combination. So I would say the camera knows the lens, and have the focal lenght in consideration at the moment of choosing the right speed - aperture pair. I don't know if P mode chose 1/640s to avoid lens blur (despite of VR ON), or to force 1:5.6 for image quaility issues (only Nikon knows). In any case, this would be the reason P mode is considering the best "point and shot" setting: you can rarely miss a shot using P mode.


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    I can't remember now where I saw it but I think I did see a chart that suggests P mode adjusts for the lens focal length. I suspect it does not do so for individual lenses, so it probably does not differentiate between lenses of similar length, but since focal length is one of the things communicated by AF lenses to the camera, the P mode likely does take it into account.
  • Agree. Thank you.
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