Red eye

Is there a setting on the camera to stop red eye


  • Yes. The easiest way to get to this is with the [i] menu. Open the [i] menu screen, and arrow over to the flash icon (big lightning bolt, lower left). Hit OK to highlight it, and you will then get the various choices for flash. The second one down (lightning bolt and eyeball) is the red-eye setting.

    This may not always stop all red-eye, but it should do the job. It fires a little pre-flash which causes the subject's irises to contract.
  • hi, new to the forum,and new to digital photography,great advice i will save this, thank's
  • By the way, in cases where the red-eye setting does not suffice, it helps to ask your subject to look slightly away from the camera. You still want to focus on their eyes, and you don't want them staring off into the wings, but it will help if they're not looking directly toward the flash.

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