External Power Supply

I know I can connect my D3200 to an AC outlet using the proper connecting cables/adapters.

What I would like to know is there a way to have external power by either swapping out a battery pack or using an automobile cigarette lighter.

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  • I don't know of any cigarette lighter adapter from Nikon, only the AC version (which uses a power transformer and a dummy battery), but I see from an astronomy site that there is a battery bank you can use with this:


    I have yet to find a cigarette lighter adapter, but it ought to be possible to make your own if you are handy with wiring and the like, if you can get the correct voltage. But it looks as if you're on your own here, as nobody seems to make one off the shelf.

    If you wander around the internet a bit you may find some DIY videos on making your own battery pack, etc., but needless to say you need to be cautious.

    A company called "Lanparte" makes dummy batteries for various cameras, if you're rolling your own and don't need the whole Nikon setup. Check Amazon for those.

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