After four years, my red colors are shifted to orange and my purples are shifted to blue...

I've been doing photography for over four years now using my nikon d3200. I'm still learning my camera (as hard as it may seem) and use outdoor lighting as my main source! I use the same settings on my camera. They work for me! I don't change anything except modes! All of a sudden, reds and purples don't show up. My reds are orange and my purples are blue. After reading several forums and searching for answers without changing all my settings...I've found no solution! Why would this happen after four years? How can I fix it easily without messing up my settings? I have sessions tomorrow and the soccer teams I did the other day wore red and purple, that's when I realized I had an issue. Help please!


  • It's hard to analyze from afar, but the first thing I think I'd do is to shoot in Raw mode and open a picture in a Nikon Raw editor such as View NX-2, which allows you to change the tint and white balance, and see if the colors are actually there, or if there's a problem with the camera. It's always possible that some setting went awry, but before you go crazy trying to reset you need to know if the sensor is sensing the colors at all.

    A quick possible test might be simply to change the Picture Control. If somehow the Picture Control you're used to using got changed, the change should not affect the others. So, for example, try switching from STD to Neutral.
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