Off camera flash

Hello I got nikon sb700 flash for my nikon d5300. But my camera do not has a commander mode. Do anybody know how to setup it?
Is the remote trigger the only solution? And I do not want use it together with built in flash, I mean is there any other way to use it completely off camera without a trigger.
Thank you.


  • You can use a flash off camera with a remote cord, but if you need to trigger it wirelessly you need either a remote trigger for electronic or to use the built-in flash for light triggering, since there is no commander mode. I have not tried this, but you might be able to trigger a remote flash with the built in flash set manually to a low setting that is enough to trigger but not to make too much light. That's a kind of command-mode fudge, but might be worth a try.

    I use older flashes that are not entirely TTL compatible, so cannot experiment too much, but I have used a remote cord with good success for macros and the like. If your off camera flash is not too far away, that's a very simple solution. You can get remote cords that completely duplicate the contacts in the shoe, giving you full TTL function off the camera.

    I think Yongnuo makes some radio triggering stuff that may not be too expensive, and it might be worth a look.
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