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When I use the zoom option with my T2i the image in display appears as zoomed, but the actual photo does not. Also, when I try to zoom back out, I get a message that says "This function is not acceptable in the current shooting mode". I have the "setting dial" just set to the green (everything automatic, I'm a moron) button. Do I need to do something specific to use the zoom function of the camera?


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    Hi @Della - Can I ask if you are talking about live mode ie. using the lcd rather than the viewfinder? If so, then the zoom button (magnifying glass with +) is only as an aid to focussing. It does not actually zoom in on the subject. The only way you can zoom with the T2i is with a zoom lens which you physically have to turn. Regards - PBked
  • @Della - I agree with @PBked. It sounds like you're in 'Live View' mode and you're zooming in using the magnifying glass. This just gives you a glimpse at the level of detail you're capturing. To zoom in or out, you'll need to rotate the lens barrel regardless of what shooting mode you're in. Hope that helps and happy shooting! :)
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