accidentally deleted pics

I accidentally deleted all my pictures when I was messing with my new camera (I reset something). Not sure how to retrieve pls


  • also, can i use it still or will that somehow make it harder to get the deleted pics (silly questions, but I have no idea how to work it)
  • You should not use a card with deleted pictures if you want to try to retrieve them. If you stop right now, the deleted files may still exist, but the deletion removes their index, and allows them to be written over. Check out on the web for software to recover deleted pictures. Some fairly powerful utilities exist, and some are free at least to try, although you may have to pay to retrieve the files after you've found them. But you can use the free programs to see whether there's anything to retrieve.

    Make sure they're really deleted by reading the card on a computer first. There is a fairly complicated Dos-based utility whose name I forget (I'm out of the country at the moment), which is totally free, but it's not very intuitive to use. I suggest if the pictures are worth anything to you you find one of the commercial programs.
  • thank you! also, is there a time limit to retrieve the pics?
  • I don't think there is any time limit as long as you don't write over them.
  • thank you so much!!
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