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Is there a known working software and/or method to get control the d3100 via a laptop or a pc (with the live view).

I've tried many softwares , but they, sadly, don't support the live view from this model.


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    I don't think any software allows complete control, owing to the camera itself, but you might try the freeware "Digicam Control." There is at least partial function with a D3200, giving a Live View image and computer triggering. Newer versions appear to allow at least some setting from the computer. It may take a little setting up but it does work.

    You don't switch to LV in the camera. When you actuate it in the program it switches the camera, so leave the camera in Viewfinder view.

    edit to add: I just tried it on the D3200. I have Version 2.0.0 running on Windows 10. I had an earlier version on Vista which was more limited but did work. This one allows a fair amount of control in the camera, at least when using A mode, incuding the auto or manual remote focus. Basically just about anything that's doable through the menu, but you can't change the exposure mode.
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    Thank you very much for the clear answer.

    Indeed, the d3200 has a best software support than the d3100.
    I'll have to get to the idea that there is no total control for the d3100; via a deported method which includes the live view. (that said, I'll not hide my surprise considering the "digital" aspects of the camera) .
  • Well, the decisions of Nikon are often confusing, mysterious and annoying. Aside from some that seem not to make any sense, there are also decisions based on keeping to a price point and not outperforming more expensive models, and it can be confusing to keep track of what each model adds and loses.

    Just in the case of infrared remote sensors, if I recollect right, the D3000 has one, the 3100 none, the 3200 and 3300 have two, the 3400 has one, and the 3500 none again.
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