Preprogrammed shooting set ups

I am new with the D5100 and want to take night shots of the stars/moon etc. At the same time I also use the camera for daytime shots for various other things.
Is it possible to set up a button that would have all of my night shots settings preprogrammed, then another button for moon shots, and so on?
Not being very good at this and not using the camera as much as I would like to, it is hard to remember all of the settings and I usually mess one of them up.


  • I don't think the D5100 offers quite what you want, but you can add selected menu items to "my menu" which will put them all in one place s you can change them more easily.

    The D7000 family has two "U" modes that do allow what you are looking for in the camera (but only two at a time), and also an option to save other sets of settings to a memory card for loading later. As far as I know there is no such option on the D5100.
  • I should add that it seems the D5100 is like the D7x00, in that the menu system allows you to choose either "recent settings" or "my menu." In the default "recent" menu the last 20 items are added to the menu. In "my menu" you can specify which items are there, and they will not change unless you change them. Obviously this does not provide you with what you wish for, but it at least consolidates items that otherwise might appear in multiple other menus. Once you've figured out which items to change, and which settings are best, you can probably write up your own "cheat cards" and use those to change the "my menu" options.
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