Only a few pictures showing up on SD Card when inserted in computer

Help, I have a deadline due today. When I insert my sd card into my computer only 4 of the 100 pictures show up. When I insert my SD card back into my camera all of the pictures are there. I have done a few hours of research and nothing has fixed the problem, any help is very much appreciated. Thank you! (I need to send them all to my computer for editing purposes)


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    I've usually had the opposite problem, in which the computer reads cards that the camera cannot, but...(I' assuming Windows here - Mac commands will be different, but the idea similar)....

    All the files on the card should be visible in Windows Explorer even if the graphics program cannot find or read them. Double check in Explorer to see if they are showing up, perhaps in a second folder. The camera will start a new folder after a certain number of shots.

    If the graphics program you're using is set to read only one sort of file, and not all your images are that kind, they may not appear at all. Make sure you are set to read whatever images the camera is making.

    If you can find the files on the camera but not on the computer, the first thing I'd try as an emergency measure is to tether the camera directly to the computer's USB (the D3200 came with the cord for this, but if not it's the same as that for many other cameras, a tiny USB connector at the camera end and a regular one at the computer end). What happens then will vary with the computer and OS, but on Windows 10 the computer sees the camera as a drive, and you can view files in Windows Explorer. Anything the camera can read should be visible. Copy as required to wherever you usually store them. edit to add: Windows 7 behaves similarly but my Win 7 computer required loading the device driver first, then came up with a camera-specific page, but one of the options there was to view the files, which can then be managed as usual.

    Some computers and card readers, especially older ones, can have problems reading newer and larger cards. If this is a problem, a newer card reader may help, but in the meantime, if the camera can read the card, it should be able to transfer by wire.

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